Finding The Right Bankruptcy Solution For You

Anyone can easily become overwhelmed by debt. All it takes is a job loss, medical emergency or another unexpected expense to wreak havoc on your finances. This can result in constant calls from creditors or potential foreclosure on your home.

Fortunately, you have options to obtain debt relief and a better financial future. The Law Offices of Scott D. Arnopol can help. Since 1989, our Landover firm has been helping clients in Maryland and Washington, D.C., to resolve their bankruptcy, debt and foreclosure matters.

Comprehensive Debt Relief Solutions

As a seasoned bankruptcy attorney, Mr. Arnopol can provide comprehensive representation for a wide range of debt-related matters. This includes:

  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy – This repayment plan allows you to repay debts over three to five years without creditor harassment.
  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy – This is a total liquidation of your unsecured debt, including credit card and medical bills.
  • Stopping debt collectors – If you are experiencing creditor harassment, you have options to relieve debt and make the calls stop.
  • Debtor/creditor law – We can stop unfair debt collection practices and hold creditors accountable for their actions.
  • Mediation of foreclosures – It often is possible to stop the threat of foreclosure by reaching a resolution with your lenders.
  • Halting foreclosures – We can help to stop the foreclosure process and get you back on track with your finances.

Mr. Arnopol will take the time to fully explain your options, walk you through each step of the legal process, and work to ensure you obtain the most favorable outcome possible.

Get Help Now

To learn how an experienced lawyer can assist with your bankruptcy or foreclosure matter, call the Law Offices of Scott D. Arnopol at 301-850-0065 or toll-free at 866-618-2301. You can also contact our firm online. We respond promptly to all messages. Se habla español.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.