How The Automatic Stay Can Help You

When unpaid bills pile up and unfriendly debt collectors begin calling, most people long to wipe the slate clean and gain a fresh financial start. However, they may not know the options available for stopping debt collection.

Here at the Law Offices of Scott D. Arnopol in Landover, Maryland, clients discover an experienced attorney who explains their legal rights and helps them work toward financial freedom. Depending on your situation, he may advise you to stop future debt collections by filing for bankruptcy. He serves clients throughout Maryland, including Hyattsville and Prince George’s County, as well as Washington, D.C.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows many people to eliminate all credit card debt, medical bills and other unsecured debts. Chapter 13 bankruptcy can also stop bill collectors from calling by creating a three- to five-year plan for people to repay their debts.

Be on your guard after bankruptcy proceedings are complete. Creditors may attempt to trick you into paying debts that you are no longer obligated to pay. If you are contacted by creditors or asked to sign any agreements, contact the Law Offices of Scott D. Arnopol right away for knowledgeable legal counsel about debtor and creditor law.

What Is An Automatic Stay?

The moment you file a bankruptcy petition, an “automatic stay” goes into effect. With some exceptions, the automatic stay immediately orders creditors to halt telephone calls, repossessions and lawsuits against you. Our law firm can show you how an automatic stay may also be able to:

  • Stop foreclosure proceedings against you
  • Keep you from being evicted
  • Stop wage garnishments
  • Prevent your utilities from being disconnected
  • Stop government agencies from taking back public benefits over payments

If you are unable to pay your bills on time and want to learn more about how a lawyer can help stop debt collections, call the Law Offices of Scott D. Arnopol at 301-850-0065 or toll-free at 866-618-2301. You can also contact us by filling out our online form. Se habla español.

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