Fighting Back Against Denied Social Security Disability Applications

Receiving a denial of your initial Social Security Disability (SSD) claim can be a devastating blow, but it is important not to lose hope. Many people are denied the first time they apply. Fortunately, you have the opportunity to appeal the decision and ask for reconsideration.

At the Law Offices of Scott D. Arnopol in Landover, attorney Scott Arnopol has been helping clients in Maryland through all phases of the SSD appeals process since 1989. We understand the time limits associated with filing an appeal, and we will immediately begin working toward a successful resolution to your claim.

Phases Of The Appeals Process

Depending on your individual circumstances, your appeal may go through four different levels:

  • Disability reconsideration – A formal request for a second look at your application by someone who wasn’t involved in the initial application decision.
  • Disability hearing before an administrative law judge (ALJ) – A judge will review your case, including any evidence and witness testimony, to make a decision.
  • Appeals Council review – A council will either review and decide on your case or send it back to the ALJ for reconsideration.
  • Federal district court review – A district court judge will hear the case and determine if they need to overturn the Social Security Administration’s decision.

As an experienced lawyer, Mr. Arnopol can handle even the most difficult cases, taking them to the federal courts if necessary. He also will take the time to address your concerns and guide you through every step, working to obtain the best possible outcome to your claim.

Let Us Help With Your Claim

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